Data protections description

Data protection description for LIA-Media:s customer register
Latest updated 12.01.2021

1. Registercontroller:
Ab VVS-planering K Lindgrén / LIA-Media (1451265-6)
Barnhemsgatan 10
65100 Vasa
044 0948294

2. Register name:
LIA-Media:s cutomer name

3. Purpose of register:
Personal data that exists in the registry can be used for sales via telephone and e-mail, order handling, billing, delivery and domain name registration.

4. Data in the registry:
The register contains the following information: Name, phone number, contact person, address, e-mail address, order history, customer language, buying histoy, price history, as we all special arrangements. The most important content is also registered at earlier calls and e-mail contacts.

5. Regular data sources:
The personal data stored in the register is personal data in connection with company information (contact information) and is obtained by the data subject himself or by his / her employer or colleague. The information can also be collected and updated via the YTJ Company and Organization Data System, public directory inquiries or other public information channels, as well as via the company’s own websites.

6. Disclosure of information:
We provide contact information for users to Traficom when we register fi-domain names. For other types of domain name registrations, we provide contact information to our partner, which we use for other types of domain names. Aside from this information is transferred to the WHOIS registry.

7. Transmission of data outside the EU or EEA:
LIA-Media does not transfer data outside the EU or EEA.

8. Principles for protection of the register:
Only a select few people within the organisation has access to the customer registry. The register is also protected by password.

9. The rights of the registered:
As a customer you have the right to demand that we give you the data we have about you. If needed you can ask us to erase the data we have about you. Notice that it can take time to erase all data from our systems due to our backup, etc.

10. To save personal data:
Personal data is stored only for as long as is necessary or considered necessary for the purposes described in this data protection description, unless the law allows or requires that the data is stored for a longer period of time.

11. Automated decision making and profiling:
LIA-Media does not use automatized decision making or profiling.

12. Changes in the data protection description:
Above you can see when this data protection description is changed. Changes to the data protection description can be made from time to time and you should therefore regularly check the latest version of the data protection description.

13. Principals for protection of the data:
EU:s general data protection regulation2016/679 and the personal data law 1999/523.

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