We are a local media agency in Vasa

LIA-Media makes homepages, registers domain names and offers a project bank. Aside from this we also have our own webhosting and offer other types of server services.


We make hompages for self-employed, smaller businesses and associations. Our goal is a technically well functioning homepage that works on all sizes of screens.

Web hosting

We offer web hosting with a combination of nginx and apache as a webserver. Our servers are located in a data center in Finland and uses modern tenchology.

Domain name

LIA-Media is a FI- and AX -registry, which means that we have the right to register these domain names. We also register other types of domain names as needed.

Projekt bank

Our project bank is easy to use. Share files easily with costumers, colleagues or partners. The project bank makes it both easier and safer to share files.


Nextcloud is a system that makes it easy to share files with friends, colleagues and partners, without sacrificing personal integrity.


Do you need help with anything else? For example moving an e-mail account and homepage to LIA-medias webhosting. You can then easily buy a consultation on our homepage.


Below are links to some of our previous projects. By clicking on the picture you will be taken to the homepage.


Contact person

Andreas Lindgrén


Barnhemsgatan 10, 65100 Vasa




+358 44 0948294

Business ID


Customer service

Telephone: +358 44 0948294 (mon-fri 8-16)
E-mail: support@liamedia.fi

Online invoice

Name: Ab VVS-planering K Lindgrén
E-address: 003714512656
Operator: Maventa
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Social media

About us

LIA-Media is a local media agency in Vasa. The company turns to self-employed, smaller bussinesses and associations. As far as it is possible we also work with private customers. The company was launched during the summer of 2015 by Andreas Lindgrén who is an educated media assistant and has a great interest in data and technology.

From the beginning focus was on homepages and domain registrations. During later year the business has evolved more and more towards webhosting, project banking and other type of server services.

We make homepages, register domain names and have our own server services. We also install systems for a mobile internet which can either function independently or as a backup to the ordinary internet connection. Read more under services.

Our goal is that the whole service will be performed smoothly so that you´re normal business is disturbed as little as possible. LIA-Media is a side firm to Ab VVS-planing K Lindgrén which has been in operation since the year 1991. We have our office on Barnhemsgatan 10 in Vasa. You are welcome to contact us.

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